Mortgage and Refinancing

Regarding our recent refinance:

Bill did a great job for us on our mortgage refinance.  We got a fabulous rate, took some money out for home improvements, and Bill saved us over $31,000 compared to our old rate over the term of the loan.


Bill Grimshaw

Account Executive

VTC Insurance Group – Farmington Hills

Office: 248-888-5498


Bill is my insurance agent and called me about how low rates were.  I described my current situation with my condo and he had a rate that was 50 basis points better than my current bank.  I’m organized so it wasn’t that big of a deal to get the information to him as requested.

Bill is right to the point and gets it done.  I recommend him!

Arthur Bianchi III

Ford Motor Company


I wanted to refinance my current home and Bill called me.  He gave me a great fixed rate of 2.75%, which beat the competition by 50 basis points.  It was a little bit of work with all of the new Dodd-Frank / The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) laws, but it was well worth it.  I saved approximately $96,480 over the life of the loan.

Bill gives it to you straight, and he will take care of you.

Tim Sante

Sr. Account Manager

A&D Technology, Inc.


Bill called me to suggest refinancing.  He had a program that was asset-based.  He thought I was a good candidate and we submitted the application.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) laws by the banks are somewhat demanding, but if you are organized it isn’t too bad and the effort pays offs.

Bill got me a great fixed rate of 2.75% vs. my current rate of 3.75%.  We crunched the numbers and I realized significant savings over the life of the loan.

I would strongly recommend Bill, he is very accessible, has a strong customer focus and will take care of you.

Doug Wood - Northville


Other than the appraisal delay because of the strained market conditions beyond his control, Bill got us a terrific rate, beating the banks, and walked us through the whole closing purchase and process.

He even advised my wife and I about some dormant lien that was on our current property.  We are currently working on getting it removed.   He handled the loan and insurance and we are thrilled to be in our new property.

Jim Klein

Head mechanic - Fabiano Brothers, Inc.


I have known Bill over 20 years and he is professional. He is my insurance agent for my home, autos, and some rental properties.

He helped me with my mortgage and did a terrific job finding me a market from his 12 mortgage companies.

Bill was insistent to lock my rate at 4.5%. It was a great call because the rates shot up to close to 5%. He also helped me with writing some responses to clarify and explain underwriting questions from the mortgage company.

With his business and tax background, Bill knows how to write concisely, using the necessary jargon and terminology to explain my situation.

He also has a quality processing team for support. I recommend that you use Bill for your mortgage and insurance business. He is sharp.

Allen Bodiya


Kitchen Concepts, Inc.

Budget and Financial Planning

Through our bi-monthly meetings, Bill has helped me create an organized system for reducing my debt and paying off over six credit cards.  He has been instrumental in helping me devise a realistic budget that I can afford.

Carolyn - Teacher


Bill has been doing my taxes the last two years. He was helpful in offering recommendations to maximize my deductions. He noticed that I was not in a financial position that was reflective of my income.

Bill suggested that we do a budget and financial planning meeting. I thought about it but didn’t follow up. The next year of my tax return, Bill saw that my finances were not where they should be and asked again to meet.

I relented, and Bill came out to my home and we did a thorough analysis. He put together all the information, analyzed it, and then came back out to go over it with me. We offered two plans to pursue. With his help, and he was not selling anything, he suggested we take a course of action that has relieved me of anxiety and discomfort.

The final plan put me in a position where I can maintain a very comfortable budget and still have extra cash flow to meet my needs and interests.

I recommend strongly that you use Bill to assist you in your budget and financial planning. He is not selling anything; he is just helpful.

Judy Rogers

Retired Teacher

Property and Casualty Insurance

I saved $1400 a year on my auto insurance with AAA and Bill Lelich.  We've had a few claims, one very big one, and Bill was there to assist us on the process and settlement.

Tim Johns

Amerisource Supply


Bill, thank you for your attention to detail.  You take care of business!

Regards, Jim

Jim Sanderson - Retired US Treasury Department


With great pleasure, I write this testimonial on the professionalism William Lelich provides.

As a busy dentist purchasing a home, and realizing I would need homeowners insurance, I called

Mr. Lelich.  He spent time after hours, texting, calling and emailing me to provide two or three

competitive  policies.   With his several decades of expertise, and many carriers to quote, he helped me

decide on the best policy, and had me ready for the Home closing in record time.

In addition to his years of experience, he provides prompt, enjoyable, and professional service, along

with a great sense of humor!


Sharon Kennedy Hosea, DDS

Tax Services

Bill did my last two years of returns and maxed out all of my deductions.  He is really sharp at utilizing and recognizing my eligible deductions.  It feels so nice to get a sizable tax return.



I have had William Lelich prepare my taxes for the lost two years.  His work has been very professional in both preparation and detail.  At our first meeting, he went over my previous years' return (prepared by one of the leading tax preparing companies) and immediately found a substantial error.  William then completed a corrected estimate and I subsequently received almost $4000 in refunds.

Following this years' work session, William discussed in detail my best tax strategy, based on my financial situation, for this year and then for 2019.  Because of this, I should be able to realize a fairly large amount of tax savings.

I would highly recommend you consider William Lelich as your tax preparation professional.

Thomas C. King III

Life and Annuities

I called Bill because I needed more Life Insurance.  He didn’t just try to sell me but took his time and analyzed my current situation.  I had some coverage, but with a growing family and other obligations thought I needed more. Bill helped me evaluate my estate, family, and liquidity needs. 

He came up with eight different carriers and gave me the two best.  He basically did the shopping for me.  One quote was for return of premium, which I found very interesting.  The other, my selection, easily fit within my budget and we got it done.

Bill is very thorough, will evaluate your needs, and will give you the best policy and premium.

I strongly recommend him!

Matt Stone

Director, Business Development

Commercial Contracting Corporation